So many important moments in life are marked with a token of affection forged from precious metals. From engagement rings to friendship rings, heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and little souvenirs from far off places; we like to wear reminders of the people and places we love, carrying them with us. These items help us feel connected to those people, memories, and pieces of our own story.


Anna (annabelle) Rey's collection is bold and designed to imbue the wearer with confidence and strength. She finds beauty in the unexpected and leans into a natural, organic style, allowing you to see that these pieces are made by hand, embrace individuality and play with the idea of what is precious.


Made with integrity and intention, she uses almost 100% recycled metals and natural, conflict-free stones.  She values a connection with the Earth and strives to take care of it in any way she can, knowing that our time here is finite and precious — and what we leave behind matters. Her pieces have a natural, organic feel and she hopes that the wearer of her jewelry feels confident, comfortable and happy in them. 



Annabelle Rey is an artist living in the mountains of Wyoming. 

Her Jewelry is carried at a select group of boutiques that share her ethos around the country and beyond.


Avenue Boutique, Tucson, AZ
The Perish Trust, San Francisco, CA
Industrious Life, San Francisco, CA
Reliquary, San Francisco, CA
Vamp, Los Angeles, CA
Michele Varian, New York, NY
Take Heart, Austin, TX
Mabo, Salt Lake City, UT
For non-jewelry related work, visit annarey.com