Care and Sizing



In our opinion, jewelry looks better when it's been lived in; with a few scratches and a burnished finish you can only get from taking it out in the world with you. It's a patina that is earned through experience. This is why we don't use gold-plating or gold fill. We want your jewelry to live with you and look good doing it.


That said, jewelry can get damaged. Try to avoid lifting rocks in your rings and maybe put your favorite sweater on before your jewelry if you don't want it to snag. Sea water can tarnish bronze. It polishes back to a luster finish easily, but try to remove your bronze jewelry before jumping in the ocean if you prefer it shiny. Bronze also can turn your skin a hint of green in warm weather but it is harmless and washes off easily.


Lapidary stones are softer than diamonds and semi-precious stones, so they can scratch and chip. Precious and semi-precious stones can become loose in their settings, so check often for any movement and have the settings tightened if they feel loose.


If you would like to discourage the tarnishing process; take your jewelry off when engaging in heavy activity, swimming and showering, wipe clean after each wear and store in a clean, dry place, preferably in jeweler's cloth. 



Bracelet Sizing:

Our bracelets are statement pieces, which means in many cases that they are substantial. This limits the flexibility of the metal. For this reason, some designs are only available in limited sizes (we hope to extend the sizing soon).

Small: 5.75" circumference

Medium: 6" circumference

Large: 6.5" circumference



Ring Sizing:

Standard US ring sizes available from 4-10 in increments of .5